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Whatever your reason for selling may be, Resurrection Homes LLC can help you with a quick sale; without added stresses, delays and extraneous fees associated with selling on the open market. There are several options available for you when you are looking to sell your house fast. You have property auctions, fast sales, and more. Homeowners selling their house fast wish to avoid having to deal with real estate agents. Here at Resurrection Homes LLC, we take the agents out of the picture as we work directly with the homeowners.

Selling your own home or property should not be a stressful and painful process. There will be instances where the owner needs immediate cash. This is where Resurrection Homes LLC can help greatly. By purchasing the home straight from the owner, we do away with any additional fees that would be incurred with a realtor and then the entire selling process happens fast. We are here to assist you to get your home sold and receive as much money as possible.  


Resurrection Homes LLC buy houses in just about any area, in any condition, in any price range and in whatever situation and we want to buy your house fast – that’s it!

  • In Foreclosure?
  • Going Through Bankruptcy?
  • Behind in Payments?
  • Going Through Divorce?
  • Estate Sale?
  • Job Transfer?
  • Has Your Listing Expired?
  • Making 2 or More Mortgage Payments?
  • Bad Tenants?
  • Behind in Payments?


Regardless of whether you need to sell your house or property due to foreclosure, divorce, or whatever reason, we can help. We buy houses in whatever shape they are in – pretty houses, not-so-pretty houses, or even ugly houses. No fuss! No hassle!

Don’t Wait!

  • Do away with spending ridiculous amount of cash for real estate listings, commissions and closing costs to sell your particular home.

  • End your stress of waiting month after month, or year after year for your house to be finally sold in the market.

  • Stop wondering when and for how much will your house be finally sold for.

  • End worrying about unnecessary and pricey repairs to ensure that your house is fit for that quick sell you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Stop paying for and maintaining a home where you no longer live or could not afford anymore.

  • Sell your house now and get instant cash for an immediate debt and worry relief.

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